oblique type corrugation machine

We Ravi Engineering Works are primarily engaged in engineering of corrugated machines and plants for manufacturing of 3 Ply and 5 Ply corrugated boxes, Die Cutting Machines, Paper Cutting Machines, Binding Machines etc. We also manufacture and export ancillary machinery for printing press. All our products are marketed under the brand RAVI

Versatility, Reliability, and safety are paramount in our designs. Our Corrugated Box Making Machinery Plant requires very little maintenance and can be used by anyone in your plant because of user-friendliness.

Automatic High Speed NC Cutter

These paper product manufacturing machines can be set up in minutes and are ready to use instantly. Sophisticated designing & simple construction of our equipment translates to low maintenance and long performance life.

die cutting machine manufacturers

We endeavor to provide our customers with premium quality corrugating box making machinery and plant supported by unbeatable service and technical advice. Our efforts to elevate our machinery quality up to the international quality & safety standards.

Our "RAVI" brand Corrugated Box Making Machinery and Plant, Platen Punching, Creasing & Embossing Machine can be found in sheet plants, government facilities, packaging industry, railways, end-user facilities- anywhere there is a need for "Just-In-Time" production or where corrugated inventory and warehousing is a concern

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